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In August 1979, a one person office was opened in the International Institute in Detroit to serve a unique population of immigrants. In its first year, 421 clients sought ACC’s services and within ten years ACC opened an additional 12 outreach centers throughout Metropolitan Detroit, serving over 5,000 clients. As ACC expands so did its services, providing counseling, healthcare, employment training and job placement, translation, interpretation, immigration and youth services.

In 1991, ACC received accolades as the first Arab American organization to receive national recognition by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Services (CARF) for services provided by its behavioral health program. In 1992, ACC’s clients nearly doubled from 19,000 to 38,000 as refugees and asylum seekers of the Gulf War crisis continued to escape and settle in Michigan.

In 1995 ACC committed itself to the revitalization of the 7 Mile neighborhood and community as we launched the 7 Mile Project; by 1997 we had built a brand new facility that not only provided ACC’s general services, but we also provided a facility that the public could use to host meetings, as well as a community health clinic that serves the local neighborhoods’ uninsured and under-insured population. The 7 Mile project has become a stimulus for an entire neighborhood and indeed the City of Detroit too, as we have become part of the City’s Community & Neighborhood Development Initiative.

ACC: In the Words of Our Clients
ACC Programs and Services (2011)


ACC is the premier non-profit human service organization providing services to the Middle Eastern and mainstream communities in Southeast Michigan. As a bridge of understanding, ACC maximizes the skills, resources and expertise of the community to:

Build cooperation and understanding
aise the level of individuals’ well-being

Increase cross-cultural understanding through education
Deliver human services, counseling and opportunities
Gear community members towards achievement
Empower through employment training and placement

Through out the 20th Century and continuing today, the Detroit area has attracted a steady stream of immigrants from the Middle East who today estimate near 500,000. In 1979, acutely aware of the fact that these newly arrived immigrants needed assistance in order to adapt to life in the United States, a group of visionary community members founded the Arab American and Chaldean Council (ACC).

ACC opened its one person office, housed within the International Institute in Detroit, and served 421 clients during its first year of operation. Over 35 years later ACC provides over 500,000 services annually to those in need through its 40 Outreach Offices.

The mission of ACC is to support the overall well-being of the community. Programs deliver various, educational, employment and training, behavioral health, youth recreation and self-enrichment services, cultural activities, health services and economic revitalization.

ACC is committed to “Making a Difference” in the lives of those it serves and is proud to serve the growing multi-ethnic community of Metropolitan Detroit.


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