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ACC continues to lead by action, as the only social service agency housed in the State of Michigan’s Department of Human Services (DHS). ACC’s Social Service Division is located in 12 DHS offices through out the tri-county area. ACC’s ability to assist has greatly increased the effectiveness of those DHS offices in outreaching to those most vulnerable.

According to the Office of Refugee Resettlement more than 15,000 refugees have arrived to the State of Michigan over the past 5 years.  As a culturally diverse organization ACC’s staff posses the language skills and cultural knowledge to effectively serve the growing refugee population resettling in the State of Michigan. ACC has been instrumental in establishing the foundation of services necessary to meet the needs of this newly arrived population. 

ACC’s staff provides a multitude of services to the client and social worker in insuring that those who quality receive assistance in a timely manner. Among the services provided include:

– Assiting in providing employment requirements as well as job related leads and the availability of vocational training and English as a Second Language (ESL) training.

– Provising information and contacts to clients with respect to health needs for the family.

– Staff members also providr additional service as deemed necessary by both ACC and DHS agencies (i.e. translation, interpretation, assistance with filling out forms).

– Offering bilingual and trilingual services in assisting the client in not only understanding but completing all official documents required by the State of Michigan.  

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DHS Offices Accept Applications for Adult Medical Program (AMP)

Per the information’s pertaining from Department of Human Services, DHS offices will open the enrollment and accept applications to the Adult Medical Program (AMP) as of  April 01, 2013 through April 30, 2013 depends on the number of the applications and the financial resources that reserved toward this program.  Please, advice your clients who are not eligible to Medicaid program and who has no private health coverage to fill an application at their local DHS offices.

 Adult Medical Program (AMP) provides basic medical care to low income adults who do not qualify for Medicaid. There are asset and income limits as mentioned below. Also, other restrictions are applied as well. Contact the local Department of Human Services in your county to apply for this program.

General guide of an eligibility criteria of this program:

 1-   Age between 21-64 years

2-   US Citizen, Refugees section (207), Asylums section (208)

3-   Permanent Resident (US entry before 8-22-1996)

4-   Permanent Resident (US entry after 8-22-1996)

a-   First 5 years eligible for emergency only

b-   More than 5 year eligible for AMP

5-   Income Level as follow:

a-   Single: $316 no matter how many singles in the household. Each one should apply separately and his/her income not to exceed $316.

b-   Husband and wife live together: $425

c-   Both Husband and wife are responsible for each other income.

d-   Any person receive unemployment is not eligible for this program if his/her income over the limit even if it is “Unearned Income” such

even if you meet the eligibility rules such as SSI income.

e-   $3000 assets limit or less such as saving account

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