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ACC’s Youth Recreation and Leadership Center provides a safe haven for hundreds of youth in the Seven Mile area. The center’s services include educational activities tailored to develop and enhance academic and social skills while promoting responsible behavior in order to gear youth in making rational decisions to improve their quality of life.


The ACC Detroit After-School Program provides at-risk youth ages 9 -17 with the support and essential life skills needed to improve academic status, reduce risktaking behaviors, increase

accessibility to health services, and improve youth sense of self-image. Services include academic assistance, tutoring, computer skills training, service learning projects, physical education and recreation, mentoring, substance abuse prevention, violence prevention and conflict resolution.

In a continuing effort to promote positive attitudes towards education, youth are required to submit their most current report cards to register for the ACC after school program. Report card verification ensures the youth are enrolled in school and actively attending. It also serves as a measuring tool for academic progress and to identify the students’ weak subject areas, allowing ACC staff and the youth to focus on and improve those areas.


ACC’s Recreational Program provides year round services after school and during day time summer hours at its Youth Center in Detroit to assist in guiding youth ages 9 – 17 through the everyday challenges they may face and promote healthy life choices. The program attracts and engages at-risk youth and provides a safe place to be during their free time.

The sessions are gender and age appropriate. Youth are allowed to participate regardless of their skill level. Advanced groups of youth are also selected to be a part of ACC’s Traveling Basketball Team, which participates in state wide competitions. These competitions provide youth with the opportunity to travel and get exposure to new experiences. As a result of these camps, along with ACC’s after-school youth program, many of ACC’s participants continue their athletic careers in college.

ACC’s Youth Center Summer Program consists of an 8-week summer program targeting at-risk youth ages 11-17. The program focused on self-esteem, abstinence from risky behaviors, violence prevention and conflict resolution. Participants are provided mentoring, educational and recreational activities, fun field trips, and certificates of completion.

ACC’s Fatherhood Mentoring Program provides at-risk male youths ages 9 – 19, from the northeast Detroit area, an opportunity to develop strong and trusting relationships with their fathers and other adult mentors. The mentoring program brought together youth, fathers, and other caring adults interested in keeping families and neighborhoods together. The program established an effective “hook” that helped youth to value respect and inspired them to stay in school and achieve. The program was only afforded to be available as an eight week summer camp, including Saturdays. A total of 90 participants benefited from this program. Activities that assisted youth in increasing their social and behavioral skills and academic performance include:

Recreational activities (basketball camps), One-on-one Mentoring, Social Enrichment Workshops, Motivational Presentations featuring guest speakers, Tutoring, Weekly field trips, and community service. Feedback and observation from staff, mentors, as well as parents, all indicated immediate results as proof of the program’s effectiveness. As a result of individual achievement, program staff rewarded youth with trophies to promote successful behavior and encourage goal-setting. The program’s ultimate goal is to provide youth with a sense of security and establish trusting relationships to improve their future’s prospects.


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